Featured / Shopping Local / June 4, 2021

Maker of the Month: Good Day Organics

As part of our Maker of the Month Series, we will be celebrating independent and North-East based suppliers of our Pinery Gift Shop. Supporting small and shopping local is what we do best and we want to shine a light on the makers behind the magic.

The bright June sunshine does an exceptional job of reminding all of us to take better care of our skin and as Father’s Day fast approaches, Chris O’Grady is on a one-man mission to encourage a natural approach to skin-care. Carefully blended and lovingly packaged, Chris’ unique range of products make for the perfect gift.

Chris’ business adventure is rooted in a personal discovery after examining an alternate, more holistic route to skincare. Propelling him around the world on a dermatological voyage, Good Day Organics eventually came to be what it is today.

“When I was 18 and suffering with bad acne I tried a ‘crazy’ alternative to the mainstream treatments called organic jojoba oil, within 2 weeks my acne had cleared up and my skin felt amazing. That was the start of the journey which 14 years later, after 12 months working for an organic manufacturer in Melbourne and 6 months research across America led me to set up Good Day Organics Ltd in early 2014, with the intention of putting years of experience and worldwide research of organically sourced skincare ingredients to use.”

Taking an organic approach, Chris provides a ‘back to basics’ method of grooming as all of his products are natural, plant-based and designed with sensitive skin in mind. Breaking away from the mainstream, the alternative route has led to a successful small business with incredible results.

‘I started selling the Mount Purious Skincare range at Tynemouth market in 2014, and quickly added the mens range in 2015 when I moved over to the Quayside Market. The Pet Care Range and Gardeners Ranges followed in 2017. Although my days of standing at cold markets are over, I’m continuously adding new products to the ranges’

Behind every product is a story and by shopping local and supporting independent, we can allow that story to continue. In his Maker’s Message Chris writes:

From the very start it has been very important to me to provide the very best products, in the most ethical and eco-friendly way, to the highest standards. To ensure my customers that every product I sell, has been lovingly hand formulated, using the very best ingredients, everything in my premium ranges is handmade in small batches in Co Durham, from Organic, Cruelty free and Plant based ingredients.   

Whether it is for a friend, family member or a self-care treat, Chris’ products make an exquisite addition to anyone’s grooming routine. For more information you can visit his website here

Good Day Organic’s can be found in our Pinery Gift Shop located at The Alnwick Garden and will be on display for the entire month of June. You don’t need Garden Entry to access our shop or plant centre so make sure to pop in!