Educational Visits

Education and Enterprise

We run a variety of educational activites for young people and children.  Our activities are inspiring, inclusive and give your students the opportunity to learn in a place of beauty.

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Roots and Shoots

Schools Workshop

A great workshop for anyone wanting to learn more about vegetable growing. The Roots and Shoots workshops are taught in small groups by our expert gardeners.

The Roots and Shoots programme is designed to target young people who are most at risk of early childhood obesity and disadvantage. The young people we work with are taught the skills to help them take responsibility for tending to their own plots, preparing and sowing seeds as well as planting and nurturing. This programme is supported by the NHS with educational and interactive sessions to engage and inform young people about the importance of a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.

Drugs Education

The Drug’s Education programme aims to work with children and young people to help give them the knowledge to understand the risks associated with drug and alcohol use to change their attitudes and behaviour towards alcohol and drugs, whilst empowering them to make informed decisions. Sessions can be tailored appropriately to suit various ages, or can include any particular topics that schools want to cover.


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