The Charity

About the Trust

The Alnwick Garden is a charity – any surplus from running the Garden is re-invested into improving and developing The Alnwick Garden and it’s local communities for the future.

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The Alnwick Garden is a breath-taking and evolving garden that continues to be for all.

Behind the scenes of the picturesque water features, Poison Garden, Labyrinth, and many other wonderful experiences, there is a hard-working charity that seeks to support those in our community who need it most.  Using the proceeds from The Garden to maintain the site, and more fundamentally to deliver on our charitable objectives, The Alnwick Garden strive to reduce social isolation, improve well-being and support our most vulnerable community members.

Identified challenges in our local communities include increasing young people’s employment chances, drugs education and making positive choices for children and young people and supporting other organisations to create beautiful, mindful and sensory outdoor spaces for their beneficiaries. We also strive to reduce isolation and increase social networks for older people in our communities.

Charity Number : 1095435

Generous donations and Gift Aid allow us to leave a legacy through our work, both out in communities as well as The Garden which is an ever evolving landscape to ensure it’s for everyone. Gifts, however large or small make a huge difference to our work throughout communities, as well as creating opportunities and enriching lives.  If you are interested in supporting our Community Programmes with a gift, sponsorship or would consider leaving us a gift in your will, please click here for more information or send us an email.