The Forgotten Garden
Adventure Golf

An Adventure Golf Tale at The Alnwick Garden, start your story here….

Once upon a time in The Alnwick Garden there was a huge shudder and the ground began to move and shake. They called upon ‘the fairest of them all’ to find a solution to the moving ground, but alas even the bravest couldn’t stop the ground from moving.

A strange fog set in from the west and a hole emerged in the ground. All manner of creatures, plants and beasts wriggled their way from the shattered earth, rubble and ruins began to appear. A Forgotten Garden had been found! But beware…. it is full of holes.

Tickets £2.50 per person throughout the festive season! Head to The Golf Kiosk or Gift Shop to book!

Can you be the one to challenge this garden and complete the tasks set?

You will need to overcome the giant creatures within this mystical world.

With your club in hand and your ball of gall, you will be ready to compete and challenge The Forgotten Garden dwellers.

Does your adventure have a happily ever after?