The Poison Garden

Do you dare to enter?

The Alnwick Garden plays host to the small but deadly Poison Garden—filled exclusively with around 100 toxic, intoxicating, and narcotic plants. The boundaries of the Poison Garden are kept behind black iron gates, only open on guided tours.

Visitors are strictly prohibited from smelling, touching, or tasting any plants.

Entry to The Poison Garden is included with your day ticket but please note tours are subject to availability.

These Plants Can Kill

A combination of dark, ivy-covered tunnels and flame-shaped beds creates an educational garden full of interest and intrigue, where the most dangerous plants are kept within giant cages.

Delve into the history of poison as our Guides remind you of some of the world’s most high profile poison cases. 

If you’re more of the foraging type, The Poison Garden Tour is not to be missed! Learn how to survive in the wild by knowing what NOT to pick!


Tours occur every 30 minutes during the opening hours of The Garden. Simply head to The Poison Garden Gates and ask a Guide. 

Please note Tours are subject to availability and each tour has a max capacity of 20 people. 

What’s in the UK’s Deadliest Garden?

The Poison Garden is home to around 100 species of dangerous, toxic and harmful plants, each of which has the potential to severely injure you! These are some of the most dangerous to look (but not touch) out for on your tour:

Atropa Belladonna
Helleborus Odorus 
Ricinus communis 
Giant Hogweed 
Opium Poppy
Gympie- Gympie

…and hundreds more!