Environmental Policy


A registered charity, The Alnwick Garden is one of the most popular gardens in Europe and top visitor attractions in the north east. It is renowned as a garden of boldness and innovation. Unique as a ‘people’s garden’, it was built for the greater community.

The Vision and Mission of The Garden is ‘The Alnwick Garden cultivates communities and raises aspirations in a place of beauty. Fearlessly inspiring and connecting people in an inclusive garden environment that creates learning opportunities and enriches lives.’

In seeking to achieve this, The Alnwick Garden believes that its operation should be undertaken with minimal impact on both the local and global environment.  Environmental considerations will therefore be integral to The Garden’s corporate strategy and operational plans.

Based on the above, The Garden commits itself to the following:

1. The Garden will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and associated regulations.

2. The Garden will set environmental objectives and performance targets and strive to achieve them. The objectives and targets will be in the following areas:
a. Procurement – to ensure products and services utilised by The Garden are environmentally sustainable.
b. Visitor Education – to ensure effective communication of The Garden’s commitment to the environment.
c. Waste Management – to reduce the amount of waste produced and increase recycling initiatives.
d. Pollution Control – specifically reducing emissions and discharges to air, water and land.
e. Energy Management – to meet or exceed Governmental targets for the reduction of energy used.
f. Water Management – to ensure the efficient use of water.

3. The Garden will continually assess its operations to determine how it interacts with the environment. Actions will be taken whenever possible to ensure that the environment is protected.

The Alnwick Garden – Environmental Policy – June 2018 2


This policy will be reviewed by the Management Committee every 12 months at a minimum, or sooner if warranted by internal or external events or changes. Changes to the Policy will be recommended by the Director to the Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Board of Trustees: June 2018