Extreme Weather Promise

General advice to prepare for your visit during bad weather.

Lilidorei and The Alnwick Garden are predominantly outdoors, so we suggest that you come prepared for the weather.

Northumbrian weather is famously changeable, so please make sure that you check the weather forecast before your visit and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Not only might you be sliding at Lilidorei but you might also fancy a splash around in the Serpent Garden.  So a change of clothes might be a good idea!  If you do get caught out, you can always purchase ponchos and umbrellas in our gift shop;

If you are a Lilidorei visitor we will allow you to use the facilities in The Alnwick Garden Pavilion on very wet days so you can shelter and purchase hot food and drinks under cover; and

Unless the weather on the day of your visit is particularly extreme and you qualify for our extreme weather promise – see details below – we would kindly remind you that all our tickets are normally non-transferable and non-refundable, as set out in our terms and conditions of sale.

Summary of how our Extreme Weather Promise works

The Extreme Weather Promise only applies if our management team assess that at least 50% of all the time available for your visit has been impacted severely by extreme weather. The assessment and decision of the Management Team is final.

Extreme weather means severe storms and persistent torrential rain/snow/hail, when we have had to temporarily close part of the site for safety reasons. We will advertise all dates that the Extreme Weather Promise applies clearly on our website.

You must have booked your tickets in advance to qualify for our Extreme Weather Promise.  Your return visit must be rebooked within 14 days of your original visit date.

You must rebook your return visit within the next 12 months by contacting our bookings team. Once you have rebooked your free visit, this new ticket is then non-transferable and non-refundable as per our standard terms and conditions of sale.

What to do if you think you qualify for our Extreme Weather Promise

Step 1: Check that your original visit date is listed on our website as a day that our Extreme Weather Promise applies by visiting www.alnwickgarden.com/extreme-weather-promise

Step 2: Read our full Extreme Weather Promise terms and conditions as set out below.

Step 3: Choose a date for your return visit within the next 12 months.

Step 4: Contact the bookings team via email – Bookings.Team@alnwickgarden.com, by phone on 01665 511350 option 1 or via livechat on our website 

Step 5: Receive your tickets and enjoy your return visit with us.

Eligible Extreme Weather Promise Dates in 2024

All eligible dates will be updated here

Terms & Conditions


  • The Extreme Weather Promise only applies when the experience of visiting either The Alnwick Garden or Lilidorei has, in the view of the Management Team, been negatively affected by extreme weather for more than 50% of the total available time.
  • ‘Extreme weather’ means persistent torrential rain, snow or hail when we have had to close part of the attraction temporarily for safety reasons.
  • ‘The total available time’ means the full length of opening hours of The Alnwick Garden and/or the full length of the pre-booked play session at Lilidorei on that particular day. So for example if Lilidorei has been open for a total of 7 hours from 10am to 5pm, extreme weather must have negatively affected the visitor experience for at least 3.5 hours in order for the Extreme Weather Promise to apply.
  • The Alnwick Garden Trust Management Team record and assess the weather conditions and will decide if the Extreme Weather Promise applies on any individual day. Their decision is final and non-negotiable.
  • The Alnwick Garden Trust will clearly advertise all days when the Extreme Weather Promise applies on their website.
  • To qualify for the Extreme Weather Promise you must have pre-booked your visit to either The Alnwick Garden or Lilidorei at The Alnwick Garden and the date of your original tickets must be on an eligible Extreme Weather Promise day.
  • Free return tickets will only be issued upon presentation of proof of purchase of the original ticket(s) from your first visit.
  • The date of your free return visit must be within 12 months of the date of your original visit. Once issued, these tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable meaning you cannot change the date of your return visit.
  • Return visits are strictly subject to availability, which can be limited at certain times and for certain events.
  • Return visit tickets can only be exchanged for the same original ticket type (i.e. an Adult ticket for an Adult ticket).
  • No cash alternative is available, tickets cannot be re-sold or exchanged.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Car parking charges and all other attraction regulations apply.
  • The Alnwick Garden Trust has the right to refuse entry and withdraw the Extreme Weather Promise offer at any time.
  • The Extreme Weather Promise is only offered for tickets purchased in advance and is not applicable to school or groups, or tickets purchased through any third party.
  • The safety of all our visitors is our top priority; The Extreme Weather Promise only applies on days when it is safe to visit The Alnwick Garden and/or Lilidorei at the Alnwick Garden and we have remained open. Very rarely, due to particularly violent storms or Met Office Weather Warnings due to very high winds, it is necessary to close the site for safety reasons. In these circumstances we will make an announcement of full site closure via our social media channels and contact all those that are booked to visit on the day of the closure to explain your options.