Do you have time to volunteer at The Alnwick Garden?

Volunteering at The Alnwick Garden is a prime opportunity to nurture a variety of already established skills, whilst also developing new ones. With helpers ranging from a cascade of ages, becoming an Alnwick Garden volunteer enables you to meet new people, advance in experience and assist an ever-growing charity and Garden.

If you are fascinated by horticulture, you can be working alongside principal gardeners in one of the world’s largest contemporary gardens, as there is something different in every corner begging to be discovered.

Delve deep into the magic of tours, spending time amongst the most dangerous plants in the world in our famous Poison Garden. Fascinate and educate our visitors with the potential perils of gardening on guided tours or keep all visitors safe and sound on gate watch!

As a working charity, The Alnwick Garden relies on volunteers to maintain not only the surroundings of The Garden but various elements of clerical and administration work. This may mean assisting with word processing or even envelope stuffing! Anything you can do will be a huge help for a team.  

A fundamental way to assist combat loneliness in the Northumberland by volunteering with our Elderberries group. Whether its coffee and cake in our Drop-in Centre or experiencing all the colours of The Garden in our walking group, we would love to have you join us and our Elderberries would too!

 Whether you are interested in gaining work experience, developing new friendships or simply looking for an opportunity to gift back your time, consider volunteering for The Alnwick Garden by clicking on the box below!

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