The Bamboo Labyrinth

Can you find your way through?

The labyrinth is planted with over 500 ‘ Fargesia rufa’ plants, a new Chinese variety of bamboo. Designed by Adrian Fisher, one of the world’s leading maze-makers, the bamboo arches over the twisting and mysterious turning paths.

Once you enter do you turn left or right? Which way would you go and can you find your way out?


Hidden Messages

At the start there is a boulder with the inscription “only dead fish swim with the stream” conveying both the idea that once shouldn’t think conventionally when trying to explore the labyrinth, and the fact that the garden’s aim is to provide challenges and new approaches.


In the middle there is an inscription in Latin that translates “Visitors, you have seen it all, we thank you, now go happily on your way.

Hidden Clues

The paths are scattered with bronze leaves that look like they have been blown from the bamboo.