General Gardening / January 30, 2020

The Forgotten Snowman

It’s been a sad day here at The Alnwick Garden.  Quietly tucked away under our giant deckchair and trying to find some shelter from the cold we found this little chap. Clearly forgotten by Father Christmas, he’s been seeking refuge in our garden since Christmas until eventually he found his way to our nice, warm office.

Having been fussed over and pampered by the team, he’s feeling much better! But the North Pole is ever such a long way away so he’s going to have to stay with someone until he can catch the next sleigh ride back to the North Pole.


We are looking for a caring, loving and adventurous family to rehome him for the year and show #TheForgottenSnowman all the sights he’s never dreamt of! In return the lucky foster family will win tickets to come along to The Alnwick Garden on Christmas Eve this year and help us reunite him with Father Christmas!

Comment below telling us why your family would be the best host family for #TheForgottenSnowman and share this post with your friends.

One lucky family will be chosen on Saturday 15th February to win so comment and share before then!!!