Getting ready for work

Our ‘Getting Ready for Work’ sessions support young people to build their skills in preparing for the workplace. They’ll be able to understand job descriptions, know the job application process, have an introduction to interview techniques and develop the correct mindset for the workplace.


Sessions available include:
Job Descriptions, CV’s and Application forms
Assist young people to understand the process and tools used to apply for jobs. They’ll explore job descriptions, how they are used and be able to detail the key skills employers are looking for. We’ll support with what to include on CV’s, as well as how to complete application forms.

Interview Techniques
Young people will explore how to prepare for interviews, the purpose of interviews, potential questions and how to overcome nerves. There’ll be the opportunity to see it from an interviewers perspective and what to expect before, during and after the interview itself.

Workplace Mindset and The Labour Market
This session explores the expectations an employer has around etiquette within the work place, including addressing personal social media and the processes and policies that are paramount to maintaining employment. There’s also a general look at the North East labour market and which sectors are growing.

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As you will probably have now heard, we have entered Tier 4.

Unfortunately this means that The Alnwick Garden is now closed until further notice.

We always use January as our month for essential maintenance, so as soon as we know when we can re-open, we will let you know both here on our website and via our social media channels.

For anyone with tickets, please accept our sincere apologies. We will be working through all bookings and contacting you to organise a refund.

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