Den Building

The Alnwick Garden has a wonderful hidden treasure tucked behind the Treehouse – The Woodland Walk. This area offers opportunities to run, play, create and go wild, in a “natural as it comes” environment. With the tall trees and materials provided, children can work plan and work together to build and create fantastic and imaginative dens.


Suitable for: KS1/KS2/KS3
Topic(s) covered: Art and DT

Den building is perfect for improving confidence, fostering team spirit and giving pupils a sense of achievement, as well as being so much fun!
KS1– Students build structures, exploring how to secure them and ensuring they protect against extreme weather. They’ll have to think about the space they have available by measuring lengths and heights and use their imagination to create their den.

KS2– Students plan their ideas with the resources available and asked to consider each others views on how they could improve their work. With a problem solving approach, they estimate, compare and calculate different measures.

KS3– Students develop and implement their own ideas and creativity, whilst developing their execution skills.

IMPORTANT: Children will need to wear waterproof clothing and suitable footwear as the woods can get very muddy!

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