Welcome to the Treehouse

Enormous and beautifully crafted, the Treehouse is built from sustainably sourced Canadian cedar, Scandinavian redwood and English and Scots pine. It sits high in the treetops in a copse of mature lime trees and looks as if it’s been there forever.

There are walkways in the sky and wobbly rope bridges for bouncing on, all accessible by wheelchair and buggy. On the Treehouse’s deck there’s the Roost, one of The Garden’s education rooms, which shows films and hosts activities at certain times of the year.

More about The Treehouse

At the heart of the Treehouse is one of the most beautiful and unique restaurants to be found anywhere in the world. There’s a roaring log fire in the centre of the room, trees growing through the floor, handcrafted furniture and screens created from fallen branches. Most importantly, the locally-inspired food is delicious.


Find this in The Garden

One of the largest wooden treehouses in the world, it comprises an 80 seat restaurant, kitchens, toilet facilities, a small party or service room at roof level, a separate café and an individual treehouse for visitor information.


Car Parking

Please note, car parking is available in the main Alnwick Garden car park; this is free of charge to people dining in our restaurant. If you have a blue disabled badge, there is a designated car park located next to The Treehouse which is signposted Disabled Parking & Drop Off. Evening diners are welcome to use the disabled car park, as The Garden will be closed, but for lunchtime reservations, the disabled parking area is strictly for the use of blue badge holders only.