The Plant Centre

Welcome to our plant centre

Visit our Plant Centre to take some of The Garden away with you.

We stock a large variety of perennials, alpines, shrubs, climbers and roses from our own as well as other specialist nurseries.

Many varieties we sell can be found or are propagated from plants found within The Garden by the garden team, so you can take a piece of the garden home.

We stock over 100 varieties of scented David Austin Roses including our own famous Alnwick Rose, named after the Garden, as well as our magnificent Hybrid Tea Roses found in our ornamental garden.

Our own nursery specialises in plants from The Garden. Here we propagate these plants by seed or cutting throughout the year using our own soil based compost.

The plants are grown sustainably with a low environmental impact and are usually bee and butterfly friendly. We ensure the highest quality plants are grown and sold here meaning you really can take a little bit of The Garden away with you!