The Enterprise Programme

Working to ensure that every young person in Northumberland has the chance to succeed

The Entrepreneurial Project

The Entrepreneurial Project provides young people with the opportunity to learn and practise business techniques, including earning their own money, with the aim of inspiring them about employment and entrepreneurship.

Last November, 120 ‘young entrepreneurs’ were provided with £100 and a personal mentor, and tasked with creating and selling home-made products at our Christmas Market. Over 500 of their classmates joined them and their families at The Alnwick Garden Christmas Market.

This year we are staging four more entrepreneurial events: a media challenge, a summer fete, an event management and a second Christmas Market Takeover. With these events we are able to involve all age groups and share the entrepreneurial passion.

The Employability Project

This programme for 15-18 year olds includes a number of workshops delivered in-house and with partners such as Barclays, Occupational Psychologists, and NRG recruitment agency to help young people gain the necessary life skills for success in the workplace. The training offered by this project are not taught in schools and addresses issues such as workplace etiquette, CV development, good work ethic, time keeping and interview skills.


The Work Experience Project

The Alnwick Garden offers work experience for young people to gain first-hand experience of working life and to explore different disciplines. During their placement, students will gain a better understanding of employment, build relationships with colleagues and develop themselves as a professional. Our project is flexible to the needs of individuals and strives to accommodate all applicants and we hope to provide them a competitive advantage when entering the job market or higher education.


Contact us

Contact reception on 01665 511350 and as for Toni or email TONI.DUNN@ALNWICKGARDEN.COM for more information on these projects.