Roots and Shoots Programme

The Roots and Shoots Programme works in partnership with the NHS, delivering sessions to young people from 10 schools in the county of Northumberland, tackling childhood obesity through engaging and valuble sessions.


The Alnwick Garden team and NHS work together to choose 10 schools from applications sent for the enrolment on our programme.

Each successful school is allocated a plot in which to grow their own vegetables through the growing season. Their plot is prepared, seeds are sown and plants are planted.

Schools are provided with their own experienced gardeners who support and nurture their new gardening skills throughout their time on the programme. The intention of teaching gardening skills to students is to encourage a new skill, to give them the ability to be sustainable, to eat more healthily, but to also engage them in an enjoyable and inclusive activity with their peers.

Alongside our gardening activities the NHS provide insightful and educational workshops, providing students with the knowledge as to why they must lead healthier lifestyles. The NHS provide fun, interactive and inclusive activities that are adapted to the needs of all students of all levels of engagement. These include the eat well guide, taste tests, measuring of fats and sugars and the shocking breakfast bar activity!

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