Zombie Divide and Conquer

After 3pm on the date of the event tickets will only be available from The Alnwick Garden Admissions.

“Reports have been coming in from all over the world, Virus 0 has swept across the world by storm, can you and your team of survivors hold off the coming horde of zombies?

Armed with a state of the art tagger and a selected number of lives, 16 survivors will be pitted against two zombies infected with virus 0, your mission is to be the last sole survivor! however beware, once tagged you will become infected by virus 0 and the countdown begins until you yourself turn into one of the zombie horde!”

*During this experience games will last approx 5 mins each(multiple games in a 30 minute time), two players will be selected and start as zombies infected by virus 0, their mission is to tag all of the players with their rifles, once survivors have lost their lives they automatically turn into the zombie team! Our system has a specific zombie mode that will emit sounds different from normal laser tag to immerse yourself within the game.

Lighting and smoke will also be used to help set the scene, both within the kitting up area and game zone, (please note however that lighting and smoke may not be used outside in the gaming area if it is raining).

Imagine a big game of tag, but with laser tag rifles, to survive you must keep getting the zombies out so they have to respawn back into the game giving you less chance of being turned into a zombie yourself.

All players will experience being both a starting zombie and a survivor.

Arrive 10 minutes before the time on your booking.

Must purchase Garden of Screams ticket (12A) to gain access to Zombie Divide and Conquer, please note that you must be aged 8 and over to take part.

Annual Essential Maintenance Closure

Please note that we will be closed for essential maintenance from the 6th – 31st January 2020.

We will reopen 1st February 2020 : 10am-4pm Daily.

Please note that our shop will be undergoing a refit in January and will be reopening on the 3rd February.

Please also note that Pilates/Yoga isn’t on here at The Alnwick Garden for the month of January – Sam Kelly (tutor) is running classes from a community venue, please contact her on sam@familykelly.net for more info