Joint Membership and Lunch for Two

From £75


Looking for gift ideas, then why not consider a Gift Experience at The Alnwick Garden.  The Garden is such a great place to visit and now we have pulled some of the best bits together, and even created an exclusive package which can’t be bought off the shelf!


Visit one of the world’s most contemporary gardens for a whole year. Changing with the seasons, a yearly pass to this every changing garden will be a guaranteed success.  On your first visit, sit back and relax in the Pavilion Café watching the visitors go about their day whilst tucking into a Hearty Afternoon Tea or enjoying a delicious lunch consisting of a hot meal (self-servery), a piece of cake or scone, and a cup of tea, coffee or bottle of water.


Membership and Afternoon Tea for Two                                             £65.00

Membership and Lunch for Two                                                             £75.00


What’s included:

  • a Gift Certificate presented in a Gift wallet and envelope
  • a letter confirming the details of how to redeem the voucher
  • a covering letter addressed to you


We will endeavour to process your experience and post to you within 5 working days.





We do not offer refunds but we are happy to discuss any issues and possible extensions.  Please get in touch on 01665 511350 option 1 to speak to a member of the team

Expiry Date

One year from the date of purchase (except membership*)