New year and a new look

The New Year brings a fantastic face lift to our charitable programmes, not only in terms of colours and branding but in terms of the programmes themselves.

We continue to provide outreach to many communities in and around Northumberland from our Roots and Shoots Gardeners right up to our Elderberries Programmes.

The Alnwick Garden is a charity – any surplus from running the Garden is re-invested into improving and developing The Alnwick Garden for the future.

Our vision at the Alnwick Garden is not just about developing the beauty of the Garden, but also about developing community spaces to connect people from all walks of life. One of the ways we do this is through our Community and Education Programmes.

The Alnwick Garden recognises that there are various challenges in Northumberland that we can be active in trying to address as part of our community focus. For example:

  • Providing employment development opportunities for people who are not in work to help them become employed
  • Providing learning and development opportunities for young people to encourage them to
  • Providing a safe and supportive space for older people who are experiencing loneliness and isolation
  • Using horticulture as a therapy for older people experiencing dementia and young people with additional needs
  • Providing meaningful volunteering opportunities

The Roots and Shoots Programme has been developed from an educational perspective and covers the following main programme areas : Roots and Shoots – Healthy Living Project, The Poison Garden Drugs Education Project, Young Gardeners and The Enterprise Programme.  Further information can be found here.

Our Elderberries programme was set up to help Northumberland to address loneliness and be a great place to grow older.  It comprises of three main programmes - Health and Self, Blooming Well and The Gentlemen’s Garden, details of all of these can be found on the website here

We’re sure that you’ll agree that our fantastic new signage fits in well and we look forward to seeing you in The Garden this year!

If you would like to get involved with any of our charitable projects then please do get in touch.