The School Of Poison – Summer School Holidays

July 20, 2024

Schools out or is it?

Join us for a summer of adventure as we take on The School of Poison* - FREE with Garden entry.

If you survived Miss Behave and Mr Blister's attendance check, it's time to navigate around The Garden at The School of Poison...


In this Geography lesson, discover where each of the poisonous animals are located around the world using the information boards in the Labyrinth. 

Over in Biology/Herbology, located in the Water Tower, take part in Cress planting with Colonel Compost. Once grown can be eaten unlike the plants in The Poison Garden! 

Design your own Poison Plant - what specialist skills would it have? 


Can you crack the code? Find the Red Apples located in The Ornamental Garden and solve the puzzle!

Professor P.P.E:

Take part in fun and silly games on the small lawn area

Gear up in PPE gloves for the poisoned apple challenge, then hop on your sweeping brush horse and race towards victory! Who will emerge as the champion? 

English: Twisted Tales 

Where did the English Teacher disappear to? What mystery surrounds Miss Calculation's fate? Follow along the Orchard paths to uncover the truth... 

Art: Yurt

Create your own Poison Pet

With the clay provided, make your very own poison pet! How will you decorate yours? 

With our Combined Ticket, get ready for an exciting day of fun and competition at The Lililympics. Represent your Clan proudly at Lilidorei, who will emerge victorious? Let the games begin!


Level up your back-to-school game with our School of Poison Badge and ‘Back to School kits’ ready for you to steal the show at the start of the new school year in September! Items will be available from The Alnwick Garden Gift Shop from 20th July.

*events subject to change and availability


Combined Tickets allow you entry to The Alnwick Garden and Lilidorei from 9am-6pm. The Lilidorei ONLY session runs from 1pm-6pm. You are welcome to arrive anytime between your session timings but will have to exit by the end time stated on your booking.