/ August 14, 2021

Gayday 2021

Mixing things up at The Alnwick Garden

This August, The Alnwick Garden are mixing things up by hosting the National Finals of Mr Gay England, which this year – for the very first time – will feature Mx Drag England, a pageant for all drag artists to express themselves and shine.

The 14th August will be branded as “Gay Day” which will not only provide entertainment, but education around all things LGBTQI+ for everyone and anyone to enjoy.

Stuart Hatton Jnr (a previous Mr Gay World Winner) said "The team behind Mr Gay England are so excited to be partnering up with The Alnwick Garden to bring our fabulous Grand Finale to the North of England; which for the very first time will include Mx Drag England.

In 2021, it is illegal to be gay in 70 Countries with 12 of those holding the death penalty for loving someone of the same gender. Equal rights are not equal around the world, so we couldn't be more proud that The Alnwick Garden are welcoming our LGBTIQ+ Community through its doors and openly celebrating our culture on the world stage for all to see. 

Hopefully, somebody somewhere will see our Gay Day and realise that being LGBTQI+ is a joy to be celebrated."


The day will be filled with educational trails, fact finding missions, creative activities for the entire family and not to mention the most colourful catwalk that Northumberland will ever have seen, with Her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland sitting on the judging panel.



Both competitions are not simply “beauty pageants” – each contestant will be awarded points based on money raised for charity, a written test and a congeniality round where each contestant has to vote for another.  There will also be points awarded for their unique regional costume, formal wear and beachwear – which is the round that our audience will also be able to take part in voting for!