An Archeological Easter

6 Apr Free with Garden entry


[pal-ee-uh n-tol-uh-jee]

the science of the forms of life existing in former geologic periods, as represented by their fossils.


How do you fancy becoming an amateur palaeontologist this Easter?

Come along during the Easter Holidays to discover the hidden dinosaur pits where you can not only uncover but learn all about our dino friends.

We also have GIANT street theatre in the form of these larger than life beasts trampling all over Trevor's flowers!  Please note, unaccompanied or unruly will be fed to the dinosaurs!

If you pay a visit to the Crafty Cottage during Easter, you will be have a ROARING good time, and you can also follow the dinosaur egg trail, where you can search out as many dinosaur eggs as you can find!


You can drop in to see our archeological pits between Saturday 6th April - Monday 22nd April, 11am-4pm;

Dinosaur Street Theatre will be on from Friday 19th April - Monday 22nd April with performances at 11:30am, 1pm and 3pm on the main lawn;

You can take part in the dinosaur crafts in Bert the Crafty Yurt from Saturday 6th April - Monday 22nd April, from 10am - 4pm.


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