The Drugs Education Programme

The Drugs Education Programme aims to work with children and young people to help give them the knowledge to understand the risks associated with drug and alcohol use, to change their attitudes and behaviour towards alcohol and drugs, whilst empowering them to make informed decisions.


In line with the PSHE Core Theme 1 Health and Wellbeing, a structured set of interactive sessions will be offered to cover the following:

  • Exploring existing knowledge and attitudes towards drugs and alcohol.
  • Impact of drugs, alcohol and tobacco upon health both short and long term.
  • Drugs and the law (including alcohol).
  • Impact and consequences of drug and alcohol use – legal, social and financial.
  • Social norms and peer pressure.

This is not an exhaustive list and bespoke programmes/ workshops can be delivered to meet the needs of your school or targeted work around vulnerable groups. The programme will be delivered predominately via outreach; however workshops will also take place at The Alnwick Garden which will include a tour of the Poison Garden.

Through the building of these skills and an increased knowledge, the desired outcome will be the prevention of drug use in the first instance and avoidance of drug / alcohol related harm for young people helping them to achieve a healthy future.

To download a leaflet please click here.