Featured / General Gardening / May 16, 2023

Coming of Cage: The Poison Garden Plants Return

Despite being open all year round, some of The Poison Garden’s high profile plants can’t withstand the Northumberland Winter. Each year, The Gardener’s remove certain plants and keep them in a safe, warm place under lock and key! As soon as we are given the all clear for any frost warnings, The Poison Garden returns to its tropical self!

See The Garden though a Gardener’s eyes! In this case, Gardener Amy documented what it’s like in a not-so-average morning in The Poison Garden!

A Tractor is needed to pack up all the plants, tools and of course The Gardeners!

Marijuana or cannabis is a common sight in The Poison Garden but mainly a feature of The Alnwick Gardens Drugs Education Programme

Photos are taken at each step of the seeding, growing and planting process to send to The Home Office as we have a special license to have it on site!

All ready for the cage to be returned right by the trusty “Please Keep Off The Grass Sign”

Salvia divinorum has made its Spring return to The Poison Garden. Illegal to posses and to grow in the UK, this plant can cause severe and often terrifying hallucinogenic effects! Learn more on a Poison Garden Tour!