Featured / General Gardening / June 8, 2021

From the Archives: 20 Years of the Grand Cascade

From all angles, the Grand Cascade offers a breath-taking sight and with 20 years and counting, it has remained utterly timeless throughout the decades.

The first thing to greet you on your Alnwick Garden adventure and arguably one the most iconic features within our 45 acres, the Grand Cascade was one of the original features of the garden. Officially opening in 2001, a wealth of guests have since been dazzled by its beauty or soaked by the catapulting water jets.

Described as the Central Spine of the garden, Belgian designer Jacques Wirtz’s garden design has made an unmistakable impression on the surrounding atmosphere. A stunning example of how the garden’s vast history has perfectly blended with various contemporary elements.

Architecturally, the Grand Cascade takes advantage of the natural landscape that was left in a damaged and desolate state for more 40 years. Uprooting the original site and transforming it into something that would captivate visitors and garden lovers for years to come.

For two decades, our guests have been dazzled and delighted by the water’s choreographed displays where 120 jets create a volcanic eruption every half an hour, creating a

cacophony of sound that whooshes through the garden. A colossal 250,000 gallons of water circulate through the system and is all controlled by just two members of The Alnwick Garden team. Helping to assist the magic of the Cascade, Allan and Gordon, our handy maintenance men, work hard below the scene’s way down in the Pump Room to ensure a stunning display every time.

There is no doubt that the Grand Cascade is wedged between photos in hundreds of family albums, as the mammoth fountain as it has diligently served as both the focal point and backdrop to thousands of photographs across the years.

Delighting children who speed past the jets screeching with joy as they get drenched, providing the all-important backdrop to proposals, weddings, and family photos. The memories linked to this spectacular piece of water sculpture are immeasurable.

Consistently challenging what an English Garden can be, the Grand Cascade was the first instalment and undeniably the catalyst to the Alnwick Garden adventure, that so many have been able to enjoy across the years.

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