What's on

Pump Room Tours

24 Apr - 01 Oct 2014

Explore the underground pump rooms of The Grand Cascade and learn about the machines that power the wonderful water displays

Glass in The Garden

21 Jul - 31 Aug 2014

A fantastic opportunity to blow some glass and contribute to a major glass artwork

What’s Rotting in The Garden

24 Apr - 12 May 2014

34 students have decorated bins with their take on what’s most inspiring in Northumberland’s natural landscape and wildlife.

Budding Artists - Willow Crafts

29 May 2014

Weave some magic!

Budding Artists - Pencil Pals

13 Jul 2014

Create quirky pencil toppers from a range of craft materials

Cherry Blossom Festival

09 May - 12 May 2014

Experience a taste of Japanese culture.

Budding Artists - Wooden Pets

18 May 2014

Make a friend of arboreal origin.

Budding Artists - Peg Friends

28 May 2014

Upcycle a peg into a fairy or pixie friend

Budding Artists - Father's Day Gifts

07 Jun - 08 Jun 2014

Make something lush for your Pop.

Early Evening Closing

26 Apr 2014

Due to private functions The Alnwick Garden will be closed.

Budding Artists - Everlasting Flowers

24 Jul 2014

Create an Everlasting Flower

Mini scarecrows - Budding Artist Programme

31 Jul 2014

Make a mini scarecrow to guard your fruit and vegetables at home!

Budding Artists - Gnome Making

24 May 2014

Make a Gnome for your plants at home.

Father's Day Fun

14 Jun - 15 Jun 2014

Treat Dad to a BBQ in The Alnwick Garden

Budding Artists Programme - Flower Pot People

30 May 2014

Make your own Flower Pot friend!

Alice the Musical

20 Jul 2014

Open air entertainment for all.

The Folk Garden

26 Apr 2014

A folk music extravaganza in The Alnwick Garden

Budding artists - Finger Puppet Friends

18 Aug 2014

Let your creativity loose!

Silk Painting and Blossom Making

26 Apr - 27 Apr 2014

Make a traditional Japanese banner.

Budding Artists - Wind Chime Making

25 May 2014

Craft and create your very own wind chimes.

Elderberries Clinic Café

13 May 2014

Free healthcare sessions for the over 50s

Seeds of Learning - 'Qi Gong'

01 May 2014

Improve your posture, flexibility and strength in these relaxed sessions in the Pavilion.

The Brass Necessities.

29 Aug 2014

Bring a picnic to this Disney themed family Concert.

Budding artists - Finger Puppet Friends

27 May 2014

Let your imagination and creativity loose!

Budding Artists - Bug Buddies

16 Aug 2014

Make and dress your own bug friend

Ice Cream Festival

12 Aug - 13 Aug 2014

Do you scream for Ice Cream?

Fifield/Stephen/Milne Gala Concert

29 May 2014

Enjoy a special concert of traditional and contemporary music.

Seeds of Learning - 'Salsacise'

12 May 2014

Join us in The Garden for this exciting Latin-style dance session for the over 50s

Steeton Male Voice Choir

30 Jun 2014

Fantastic live music at The Alnwick Garden

May Day Vintage Tea Dance

05 May 2014

Cha Cha Cha to live music in the Pavilion.

Budding Artists - Mini Bedroom Bunting

17 May 2014

Make your own Mini Bunting

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

25 Jul 2014

Outdoor theatre for all.

Budding Artists - Mini Treasure Bags

22 Jul 2014

Create a bag to store all your loot.

Berwick Arts Choir

15 Jun 2014

Choir Performance


Something extraordinary has been taking root in Alnwick. Inspired by the Duchess of Northumberland and created by renowned gardeners Wirtz International, The Alnwick Garden is one of the most exciting new gardens in the world.

Come and explore acres of fascinating plants, water sculptures, the infamous Poison Garden and one of the world's largest wooden treehouses.

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As one of the country’s most popular gardens, The Alnwick Garden makes a great day out for those travelling together, with fantastic group benefits available.

Group benefits

  • Free admission for organiser and driver
  • Free admission for Blue Badge Guides
  • Advanced ticketing available
  • Discounted admission for 14 or more paying adults
  • Foreign language guides
  • Meet and greet service
  • Fast-track entry
  • Free coach parking
  • Café vouchers (additional charge)

To book your group visit to The Alnwick Garden email groups@alnwickgarden.com or call 01665 511352

Click to download:

2014 group prices

Group walk-in rate

The Alnwick Garden: £10.20
Alnwick Castle: £12.30
Combined: £21.00

Group advanced rate

The Alnwick Garden: from £9.00
Alnwick Castle: from £10.50
Combined: from £18.00

Additional options

Tours, talks, learning and creating

  • Volunteer tours cost £1pp after admission price. Take a tour with volunteer guides to hear The Garden’s story as you enjoy the landscape’s features.
  • Specialist tours from £250
  • For special occasions or for groups with special interests, take a tour with the head gardener, Trevor Jones, Ian August (Garden Liaison Director) or the Duchess of Northumberland.

Please call us for more information on 01665 511352.

Learning and creating

With a programme that encompasses everything from gardening and painting to lectures on poisonous plants, The Alnwick Garden shares its passions and gives you the chance to learn alongside experts.

To arrange a special class, talk or activity for your group, please call us on 01665 511352. The Garden also presents an eclectic programme of arts events throughout the year, from exhibitions to informal performances of music and theatre.

Eating and shopping

The Garden showcases the best of Northumbrian produce, and you can choose from a restaurant in the treetops or a café with a magnificent view of the Grand Cascade.

From coffee with homemade cakes to roast Northumbrian beef with all the trimmings, eating in The Garden is a deliciously satisfying experience. Vouchers can be bought with your tickets.

Booking and payment

A booking must be made to receive group discounts and benefits. To book specialist tours, talks and activities, please call us on 01665 511352.

We advise prepayment by calling us, so we can send you tickets and vouchers in advance and allow your group fast-track entry, or the group organiser can pay on the day. A confirmation letter and a map will be sent to you.


Your coach will be met by our welcome team at the group drop off point and then directed to free coach parking. Wheelchairs can be booked in advance.

Your visit

You can spend a morning or an afternoon in The Garden, but it’s also easy to spend a whole day. The lovely market town of Alnwick is just a few minutes walk from The Garden. Combined tickets can also be bought for entry to The Garden and the nearby Alnwick Castle.

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The Alnwick Garden is more than a garden, it is a registered charity that places people at its heart, whether they be individuals or part of a community. As well as standing for contemporary gardening excellence, The Garden stimulates change through play, learning, the arts, healthy activity, addressing disability and the economic renaissance of a rural community.

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