The Alnwick Garden's charitable projects are at the heart of what The Garden is all about - an inspiring place where people of all backgrounds and experiences can feel appreciated and cherished.

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Please click here to download our 2012 charitable highlights, or see below for a selection of our charitable projects.


The Elderberries Project has been given a new lease of life thanks to a generous donation from The Stuart Halbert Foundation.

The Elderberries Project, which depends entirely on external funding, will be putting the donation to good use developing and re-launching an improved programme in January 2013. The contribution will support the scheme for the next three years and will work to help those who find themselves isolated in their old age, unable to commit to regular physical activity due to inaccessibility or cost, or just those who are eager to keep active in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The new programme of activities will be highly varied, focusing on health and wellbeing, intergenerational experiences, life-long learning and social participation.

Forget-Me-Not Project

Since October 2010, 135 families in Northumberland have accessed the Forget-Me-Not Project through funding from Northumberland County Council’s Aiming High for Disabled Children and Young People scheme, which include 1120 visits from registered disabled children and 1065 visits from their siblings. The children we work with can demonstrate challenging behaviours and disabilities which affect the whole family. 

The Forget-Me-Not Project provides a safe environment for families to relax and feel at ease in a place where disability is accepted and supported, and where the whole family can spend quality time together away from the often stressful routines of living with disability at home. 

Because of funding cuts, Northumberland County Council is no longer able to support the project to the extent that it has so far, and so we are looking for alternative means to enable us to continue with this very much needed and worthwhile project.

Roots and Shoots Project

The Roots and Shoots vegetable garden - described by one of our volunteers as 'the heartbeat of The Alnwick Garden' - is a hidden gem which plays an integral role in our learning philosophy; nurturing seeds of interest and helping them grow.

Each year the Trust invites 10 schools from Northumberland to take part in the project, which takes learning into the great outdoors. Pupils from participating schools develop and maintain their own gardens - picking and tasting fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables along the way.

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Tea dance
Aiming High
Roots and Shoots children

Blooming Well

New for this year, Blooming Well is a new part of the programme for older members of our community. Blooming Well, in partnership with Northumbria Health Care Trust, provides gardening workshops for people living with memory loss.

The Alnwick Garden is more than a garden, it is a registered charity that places people at its heart, whether they be individuals or part of a community. As well as standing for contemporary gardening excellence, The Garden stimulates change through play, learning, the arts, healthy activity, addressing disability and the economic renaissance of a rural community.

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