Children love following the sinuous topiary of the Serpent Garden to find the mirror-polished water features nestling within its coils.

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A topiary serpent in holly snakes through the watery Serpent Garden, revealing a different water sculpture hidden in each of its coils.

The serpent leads you to Torricelli, an interactive water sculpture which fills slowly until its ground jets spring to life. Torricelli works with the scientific principle of hydrostatic pressure, and each of the water sculptures are designed to show a different aspect of water and how it can be made to look and move.

The water sculptures have been created by William Pye, one of the world’s leading water sculptors, who brings art and science together in his work. Each one is made from mirror-polished stainless steel.

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Amongst the eight unusually named water features in the Serpent Garden are: Torricelli, Meniscus, Coanda, Canyon and Starburst.

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