Lying behind 16th century Venetian gates is the Ornamental Garden - a horticultural delight filled with one of the country's largest collections of European plants laid out in striking geometric beds.

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Through the Venetian gates at the top of the Grand Cascade is the Ornamental Garden; a structured garden brimming with plants. Here, an intricate planting pattern is created with a play of light and shade, grey and green foliage, flowers, fruit and aerial lacework created by pleached crab apples. Follow inviting pathways bordered by lavender and fruit trees, and discover quiet places to sit and catch the sun.


At the Ornamental Garden’s centre lies a bubbling pool that spills into the rills that run throughout the Garden, and into two small secret gardens. Beds of bedding roses and delphiniums provide vibrant colour, while cut flower species grow with annuals and bulbs alongside small fruit varieties.

Cream domes of hydrangea appear from within cornus mas hedging, and herbaceous borders of musk hybrids, tree peonies, shrubs and ornamental trees line the Garden’s mellow walls.


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Follow the pebbled water rills to the source pool at the centre of the Ornamental Garden - bubbling as though home to denizens of the deep...

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