The magnificent Grand Cascade forms the 'spine' of The Garden, with its striking curvilinear shape.

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When visitors pass through the archway into The Alnwick Garden, it is impossible to miss The Garden’s extraordinary centrepiece, the Grand Cascade. A magnificent tumbling mass of water with spellbinding displays, the Grand Cascade is the largest water feature of its kind in the country. It is built into two listed earth banks from the 1850s which create The Garden’s slope.

Every minute, 7260 gallons of water tumble down a series of 21 weirs, with riotous water displays on the hour and the half hour. Jets of water shoot high in the air and splash on the terrace as children run underneath them. Children also collect water from the water walls at the foot of the Grand Cascade in John Deere’s mini tractors.

The Cascade is surrounded by hornbeam pergolas which echo the stone curves, their windows looking onto the water. Beyond the pergolas lie rills and shallow pools. The Grand Cascade is built from local Darney stone, and computer-controlled by state-of-the-art equipment in the pump rooms below where the water is filtered and recycled.

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Children delight in running beneath the spray of the Cascade's spectacular jets - make sure to bring a change of clothes!

Water displays

The Grand Cascade has 4 different spectacular water displays which take place at random every half hour. See if you can watch all 4 when you next visit The Garden.

The Alnwick Garden is more than a garden, it is a registered charity that places people at its heart, whether they be individuals or part of a community. As well as standing for contemporary gardening excellence, The Garden stimulates change through play, learning, the arts, healthy activity, addressing disability and the economic renaissance of a rural community.

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