The Cherry Orchard - the largest of its kind in the world - is one of The Garden's most tranquil areas, with winding pathways and over 300 graceful Japanese Tai Haku cherry trees.

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Lying on a peaceful slope beyond the Grand Cascade, the Cherry Orchard is planted with over 300 Tai Haku cherry trees.

The Tai Haku is also known as 'the great white cherry' because of its large white blossom, and The Alnwick Garden is the only place in the UK to see the Tai Haku planted in such numbers. Each April or May, the Orchard becomes a beautiful cloud of white, with the petals falling like snow. 

The trees are underplanted with 50,000 Purple Sensation Alliums, and pathways meander amongst them, with colourful azalea borders planted at the Orchard’s edge.

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The Cherry Orchard is a must-see in late spring, as it becomes a cloud of white blossom carpeted by the 50,000 Purple Sensation Alliums.

In Bloom

Our 600,000 pink 'Mistress' tulips are bursting into life in the Cherry Orchard, starting at the top of the slope. A perfect place to take some beautiful spring photographs!

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